Set up an Amazon Affiliate account and include affiliate links for any products you don’t personally sell, but people can buy on Amazon.[*] In addition to an article Lebanon WhatsApp Number List or video, you can create a printable worksheet with the steps to help your readers do Lebanon WhatsApp Number List everything without needing their computer or phone. (This works as a great Lebanon WhatsApp Number List content upgrade to capture visitors’ email address.) Once you’ve made your craft guides, don’t forget to: Send it to your email list (with a Halloween-themed email template, of course). Share it on social media 2-4 times leading up to Halloween (starting in September).

Through Email Marketing

Consider spending some Lebanon WhatsApp Number Listmoney on ads to get it in front of more eyeballs. That’s all there is to it! This marketing tactic is a bit more involved than the others, but it’s worth the extra effort. 3. SHARE DISCOUNTS & GIVE AWAY FREEBIES Lebanon WhatsApp Number List (WITH PURCHASE, OF COURSE) Halloween discounts are a no-brainer. Of course you’ll Lebanon WhatsApp Number List want to create some sales to go with the holiday (complete with a discount popup, of course). But if you really want to capitalize on the spooky fun, you need freebies. For example, you could offer some free Halloween-themed products using a popup like this one

List Building – The Thing You Need

Screenshot showing a Lebanon WhatsApp Number List halloween popup Some ways I would improve on this particular offer: There are some minor grammar issues. Always check for spelling and grammar. Shorten the big white text. “Get a FREE Halloween Gift!” would Lebanon WhatsApp Number List be better. Make the image bigger and remove the white space beneath it. In this example, they use the free gift offer as an exit-intent popup deal to reduce abandoned carts. Pretty smart! Don’t have any Halloween-themed products yet? Move on to tactic When it comes to Halloween marketing, you need some

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