Go to your Success popup design (the popup people see after entering their email). Add a Discount Code button on it, and assign the discount you created in your discount campaign. Screenshot showing Sumo settings With this setup, when someone clicks on your Discount Code button it will automatically copy it to their clipboard, so they can go straight to the checkout and paste it in. This stops people from getting distracted when trying look for the discount code email in their email inbox.

Email Newsletter Campaign

If you don’t use Shopify, then you can simply add a Text field with your discount code on your. Success popup (it just won’t be a unique code like the Shopify integration. It will be the same code shown to all subscribers). As you can see showing a relevant offer to people when they leave Namibia Phone Number List be lead to big results ($50,170 sales for William Painter). Identify your best-selling product and try it out yourself. Or even better, pick up a pair of “The Hook” and grow your business in style

Namibia Phone Number List

As every business is trying to grab the attention of their customers, the ability to speak one-to-one to your prospective customers becomes incredibly valuable. When you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. On ecommerce product pages, they come in many forms: reviews, FAQs, feeds from social networks, etc. Humans are hardwired to trust and sometimes imitate others. It’s an evolutionary behavior

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