However, that can be a limitation, too, especially if you just use the generic template. Instead of just using the canned template, set an action color that draws your visitors Romania Phone Number List eye up to the Smart Bar. Check out the difference between the example below. Screenshot Romania Phone Number List showing content on Unsettle And this example with the action color: Screenshot showing Romania Phone Number List content on Unsettle Which is more noticeable? Remember, you can’t convert a visitor into an email subscriber if they don’t notice the opt-in form. Choose an eye-catching action color to make your Smart Bar stand out on the page.

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Open up your Smart Bar settings Romania Phone Number List for a second. What do you see when you look at the Visibility settings? It means that as soon as Romania Phone Number List your reader scrolls down the page, they lose the Smart Bar. And let’s be real: humans are not only lazy, but forgetful. of people Romania Phone Number List won’t scroll back up to find the Smart Bar and enter their email address. I’ve given you strategies to increase your conversions and compete with the top 10 and 25%, but every audience is different.

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A sticky Smart Bar means that it will stay with the reader all the way down the page. This makes opting in easy. We like easy. The easier you make it to subscribe to your email list, the more likely people are to take action on it.  quick word on all this information. Every small change you make can have a big impact to your conversion rates. The higher your conversion rate, the more emails you collect. The more emails you collect, the more revenue you can earn in your business.

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