Ecommerce startup costs (though don’t neglect to do any necessary business steps with your local government.) But this is the bare-bones setup — there are a lot of Hong Kong Email List other things that could help you right out the gate. THE NICE-TO-HAVES: COSTS THAT AREN’T Hong Kong Email List REQUIRED, BUT HELP Once you’ve got your basics covered. It’s time to dive into the fun Hong Kong Email List stuff to give you that “slight edge” over your competition. Specifically, I’ll cover: Using a G Suite account for email management Website designer or premium themes Incorporating your business Designing a logo Developing

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A marketing budget Warehouse storage costs High-quality product photos or studio area. Website apps and plugins Lots and lots of coffee (and tacos) Let’s break it all down. Haven’t Hong Kong Email List you’re probably used to its old name of Google Apps. With G Suite, your email goes from looking like this… Screenshot showing a webmail browser inbox . To this. Screenshot showing a gmail inbox It’s easier to manage, better on the eyes, and has far more functionality than the built-in

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Webmail providers you get with most hosting companies. Plus, a G Suite account has a higher email deliverability (less chance to go to the spam folder). And has great features like pausing your inbox and holding emails for 30 seconds in case you need to undo a send if you make a mistake. WEBSITE DESIGNER: $300-$3000+ A well-designed website builds trust with your visitors and reduces the friction for users to check out. You need a solid site. Working with a website designer can take some initial work off your plate if you’re not comfortable with it, or don’t have the time. However, it can be costly; designers are not cheap.

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