Pro Tip: Try to keep your imagery, Vietnam Phone Number List colors, and branding consistent. For example, on The Wandering RV, here are some of my pin images: Screenshot showing rv pinterest pins See the pattern. And here are mine for my personal site ( Vietnam Phone Number List Screenshot showing pinterest content (BTW check out my white hat. SEO case study from the Vietnam Phone Number List image above—it’s another great way to drive traffic to your store.) I’m no graphic designer and I’m sure these could be way better, but they still bring me boatloads of traffic.

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Plus, the bar is pretty low for Pinterest images—a lot of the less-saturated niches have some seriously ugly graphics. Click here to get my Pinterest swipe file of 5 images Vietnam Phone Number List that got 1k+ traffic Once you’ve created the image, I like to add it in twice. Once in the Vietnam Phone Number List intro… Screenshot showing information and copy about an RV story …and once at the end with Vietnam Phone Number List a “pin it” link. Screenshot showing a “pin it” button This increases your chances of getting Pinterest traffic. To create a good link on the “Pin it!” text, first publish your

Vietnam Phone Number List

post, then try to pin it… Screenshot Vietnam Phone Number List showing copy and a pinterest button …copy the link from the URL. Screenshot showing a pinterest URL …and hyperlink that to your “Pin it!” text. Screenshot showing a “pin it” button Pro Tip: Don’t have the Pinterest button Vietnam Phone Number List on image hover? Click here to get the Sumo Image Sharer app. So now you’ve got some Vietnam Phone Number List awesome content with great Pinterest images. Or at least passable images. Time for the part where you get traffic. [STEP #6] USE BOARDBOOSTER TO

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