A great product description that sells the product lies in the ability to describe the little things that make all the difference. The little differences and features in a product that may seem trivial or boring to you are important to shoppers. And help them make purchase decisions. DeWalt, the creator of the 14 oz Mig Weld Framing Hammer, does just that. Screenshot showing a hammer Remember, it’s a hammer. But this isn’t just any hammer! This hammer features a “vibration absorbing grip to improve user comfort” and is a light 14oz “for a fast swing and reduced fatigue.

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Screenshot showing features and specs for a product To find out exactly which features are most important to your customers. Start with the product’s reviews. Screenshot UK Phone Number List showing reviews for a product In the example above. The customer cares about the hammer looking new, even after repeated UK Phone Number List use—a great idea to include in future iterations of the product UK Phone Number List description. Key Takeaway: You’re not competing against every product online. You’re competing against similar products in your industry.

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A hammer vs. hammer, for example. And UK Phone Number List while there’s a lot that goes into the buying decision process, one of the biggest reasons why shoppers buy UK Phone Number List your product over others is how you choose to describe it. Describe the little features. Talk about the nuances. Nothing UK Phone Number List is too insignificant or trivial! APPSUMO [ONLINE COURSES]. Not every ecommerce product is a physical one, yet it still takes the same wordsmith finesse to sell a service. AppSumo’s Make Your First Dollar online course is a prime example of the persuasive power of what I like to call the “ideal you.”

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