Examples: Solo Stove Show your product being used. Image showing a portable stove in action MVMT Watches:[*] Image showing a watch 3. Close-up on details/explanation shot These shots can show the product’s intricate details or how an aspect of the product works. Examples: Solo Stove:[*] Image showing how a portable stove product works Pro Tip: Not all your photos need to be actual shots of your product! Sometimes graphics (like the one above) can help to explain your product from a different

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Idea of what you’re thinking then use your in-house designer or hire someone on Fiverr or DesignCrowd to make this for you. Crayola Inspiration angle. You can draw out a rough Image showing a crayola box Sony:Image showing a camera with two SD cards 4. Comparison shot These numero telephone portable italie photos compare your product to something to show its size. This helps people see how numero telephone portable italie big it is, to make sure it’s what they need (and lower the chance of a product return). Examples: Solo Stove:[*] Image showing

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Part of a great blog post is media — photos, screenshots, and videos. You can reuse other product photos, but consider taking a few photos just for your blog posts. Take some of your product used in the way you’re explaining in your article. If you’re not sure what you’ll be writing about yet, take different shots of using your product in unique ways or in different scenarios. Examples: Here are some examples of how Solo Stove uses to your email list. product photos in their blog articles. In a mac n’ cheese recipe:mage

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