Toovari Toovari between an educational platform and a game. Its focus is mainly on helping students improve their ability to solve different types of problems in the classroom or course. It is quite practical, and applies various gamification techniques to help your students understand the lessons. It is easy to adapt to the different needs of the course and the students , while making use of challenges and challenges as the main method of teaching and evaluation. Knowledge Knowre Knowre is the ideal platform for all those who are dedicated to teaching science and mathematics. From the interface to the graphics of this platform, they are conceived and designed to maintain the interest of the students in the different activities that are carried out.

Knowre applies the method of educational gamification throughout its structure. Something quite interesting about this platform is that it allows you. To create individual profiles for each of the students who attend your course. Which makes it easy to create individual evaluations and activities. Raise raise Elever is a mobile platform, that is, an app. That allows us to educate in a more dynamic and interactive way. Thanks to its high degree of automation. You don’t need to have much technical knowledge about how it works. It will only take a minimum of time to customize and create a community. Within the application for your students. Elever makes use of gamification throughout its structure. Even allowing you to create characters or avatars. For both students and students to have a more immersive experience.

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It is, without a doubt, a fairly flexible Lithuania phone number system and, curiously. It has certain similarities with the famous language learning app Duolingo. Which by the way is also a perfect example of gamification in education. One of the biggest similarities is that the app encourages daily education through short activities. That won’t take much of your day. In turn, instructors or professors will have at their disposal a wide variety of data. And specialized metrics that will help them keep. A complete track of the progress of each of their students. This app promotes three important aspects of gamification: Individuality for each community. And a dynamic interface that captures the attention of the students. Healthy competition that encourages self-improvement. Either individually or in teams. Attractive reward systems to motivate students to meet the proposed objectives.

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Kahoot! Kahoot! To finish, it is a quite interesting tool. Because it is one of the ones that allows the greatest customization among all the tools. That I have mentioned so far. Unlike previous tools, Kahoot! not only does it allow you to educate using gamification, but it also allows you. To create much more interactive work areas for companies . As if this were not enough. The focus of this tool is on games. Kahoot! makes use of quizzes and interactive games to teach. It doesn’t matter what your course or class is about, with this tool you can adapt to any topic. Easily and very quickly. You only need a few minutes to create everything. From games to trivia and quizzes for your students to learn while having fun. And without having very advanced technical knowledge.

Gamification Lithuania phone number Can Help Your Students

It is a fairly complete tool with which you can: Create interactive classrooms with a high degree of engagement by students. Create work areas that facilitate cooperation and teamwork within an ecommerce. Design in a short time activities and games that help your students or clients to learn and interact in a more dynamic way with your company. Learn how to create a winning marketing strategy In this GUIDE we share the keys you need! Better assimilate concepts And it goes far beyond simple giveaways or raffles. You can do much more with the help of the tools that I have already mentioned in this list. An example of this is creating ‘classrooms’ or interactive rooms where you can develop activities or special events with your most loyal customers. And you can easily promote all this through your ecommerce profiles on social networks.

While coming up with a completely “new” product can be creatively challenging, the truth is that the best ideas come from iterating an existing product. The SCAMPER model is a useful tool for quickly generating product ideas based on questions about existing products. Each letter symbolizes a proposal: Substitute (eg faux fur instead of animal fur) Combine (eg a phone case with a battery) Adapt (eg, a bra with removable straps for nursing) Modify (eg an electric toothbrush with a slimmer design) Propose (eg memory foam dog beds) Eliminate (eg, eliminate the middleman that sells sunglasses and pass the savings on to consumers) Reorder (eg travel bag to keep suits wrinkle-free) If you ask yourself these questions, you will be able to find novel solutions to solve a problem , or transform existing ideas and even adapt them to a new target audience.


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