A governance model in place, it’s important to consider four key aspects: Authority: Who is empowered to make decisions about your website? Planning: How will you plan for content USA Phone Number overhaul efforts – from launch to ongoing maintenance? Tools: What tools (guidelines, checklists, priorities, editorial calendars, etc.) will you use to make sure that your content is on-strategy and that your content strategy stays relevant? Measurement: How will you determine whether your USA Phone Number content is working – and how will you use information about the effectiveness of your content to fix it? What are the first steps to figuring out why your content isn’t working so you can improve it? The first step is to hypothesize.

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What do you think is wrong? You probably have a good idea. Then make a plan to validate your hypothesis. You might suspect, for example, that much of the content you’ve published isn’t something your audience would rely on your brand for. In the plan, suggest multiple validation methods. You might USA Phone Number review analytics, talk to your audience, and look at best practices. But Or you might analyze on-site search terms and ask users what sources they trust on the topics your content addresses. How do you measure content effectiveness? At the risk of people rolling their eyes at me, I’m going to say that we need to stop measuring engagement. Unless USA Phone Number you can tie engagement to a business goal – like lead generation, conversion, or preference – engagement does not matter.

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Then To figure out whether your content is working, find out how it impacts meaningful business goals. But Watch for patterns in leads and conversions, talk to your support and sales USA Phone Numbers folks, and ask your users or your target users. How do you find the right content strategist for your project? First, let me say that you might not need one. Content strategy isn’t necessarily a job. It’s an approach – a thought process. Melissa Breker of Content Strategy Inc. put together a handy list of content strategy skill sets. She USA Phone Number shares tips for hiring a content strategist as well as the list of skills or attributes you need covered. But Use her list as a starting point to put together a job posting or to evaluate the skill sets of the people in the roles you already have.

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