Just make them a lot smaller than the call to action and locate them a bit further away from that button. Contact pages If the main goal of your website is getting in touch with potential buyers, the main concern on the website is to make it absolutely clear how you can be reached. Uganda Phone Number At the very least, you’ll want to make your contact page clearly accessible from your homepage. Uganda Phone Number Even better — add a contact option right there on your homepage, and make it bold: Peninsula Air Conditioning include their phone number as a CTA on their homepage phone number is hard to miss.

On Your Contact Page Uganda Phone Number

itself, you can do more than just add your company’s email and physical address. You might want to add a short contact form, a phone number, or a “Chat now” button. Make sure to Uganda Phone Number give your contact options an appealing label, too. Clicking “Send” at the end of a contact form feels a lot less enticing than “Please contact me!”. Uganda Phone Number Blog posts and informational pages Aside from pages with a really specific call to action, you probably have blog posts or informational pages too. Some of these might not need a CTA — your ‘About Us page, for instance.

But if You Have a Blog Uganda Phone Number

Uganda Phone number

Posts or pages which tie in with your goals, such as increasing brand awareness or persuading customers to Uganda Phone Number buy your products, it’s good to add a CTA to those. Even if it’s just a “Read more” link to a related article. Common mistakes There are a few things that you want to avoid when adding calls to action on your site. Uganda Phone Number Don’t make these mistakes! Too many CTAs on one page Don’t fill your pages up with dozens of CTAs for every purpose and every kind of visitor. Make sure that each call to action stands out from the rest of your design. You can do this by using a contrasting button color, an actionable link or button text and reducing other clutter on the page.

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