Keep reading: What is a headless CMS and what does it mean for SEO? » Joost de Valk Joost de Valk is the founder of Yoast. After selling Yoast he’s stopped being active full time and now acts as an advisor to the Uk Phone Number company. He’s an internet entrepreneur, who, together with his wife Marieke, actively invests in and advises several startups. Uk Phone Numbers  His main expertise is open source software development and digital marketing. Use clear and ‘normal’ language Speak the language of your audience. Chances are, your audience doesn’t understand complicated and highly specific jargon.

Uk Phone Number Complicated and Highly Specific Jargon

Use a clear and direct writing style. Focus on providing solid arguments as to why their quality of life improves after buying your product. And above all: keep your audience in mind. Uk Phone Number When visitors read a text that is focused on them, they’ll know they’re in the right place. And this will understand create trust. 2. Testimonials create trust Don’t brag about your products yourself. Uk Phone Number We understand that you’re a fan of your business, but it comes across as less trustworthy. Why? Because visitors know you’re biased.

That’s Why They Are More Uk Phone Number

UK Phone Number

Likely to trust a testimonial written by an actual customer. If possible, list the name and company of the Uk Phone Number customer and, if they agree, use a picture of them. A video testimonial is also great. Just make sure you include a written excerpt. This will allow visitors to Uk Phone Number read the testimonial even if they can’t turn on the sound. Anyone can learn how to create a video to promote your business. Many sites use customer testimonial videos to create trust Testimonials are a great way to create trust. But if they’re only on the testimonial page and nowhere else, chances are not a lot of people will find them.

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