Get a bi-weekly email full of e-commerce SEO essentials Expand your eCommerce SEO knowledge Learn how to Uruguay Phone Number drive traffic and sales for your online store First name Email Privacy policy Become an eCommerce master Amy Lees Amy is a content manager at Yoast. Uruguay Phone Number She enjoys writing about SEO and digital marketing, and she is particularly interested in how content can create trust. We’re back again, with even more great news from our Diversity fund 2021 recipients! In this post, we have updates from Mary Job, Abel Lifaefi Mbula, and David Towoju.

They’ve All Been Uruguay Phone Number

Hard at work on their projects, helping WordPress to reach their communities and making a real impact by sharing their skills. Keep reading to find out about their progress and future plans. Uruguay Phone Number A catch-up with Mary Job “Just do it. You can start small, make an impact on one person, a quality impact, and others will follow.” – Mary Job Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? I am a single mom of one, I work at Paid Memberships Pro, a WordPress membership plugin firm. I own. Uruguay Phone Number How Do You Tech where we build WP sites and offer WordPress maintenance services at WPSlay.

 I Started Uwani Hub Uruguay Phone Number

Uruguay Phone number

A safe space for women and girls to do tech) and I volunteer for WordPress. Community and the Salesians of Don Bosco in my spare time. Uruguay Phone Number I also now run my parents’ hotel in Ijebu-Imusin. Where I am from and work with Tunbosun to promote managed WordPress hosting for Africans Gbefunwa. Can you tell us more about your project? Uruguay Phone Number Uwani Hub began as a little CSR for How Do You Tech in Jan 2018. Contributing to my community by introducing and teaching ICT to women and girls, today, we have grown bigger than we intended, are building a bigger hub that will seat at least 30 workstations to enable us to achieve our goals of training 5,000 women and teenagers in the use of WordPress software.

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