Do you run an ecommerce coffee store, and your top customers are coffee connoisseurs? Come up with a coffee tasting bundle with bits of every blend of coffee you have, and offer it to your top customers. Do you have a business that can be a commodity, and you want your customers to keep coming back to you. Build customer loyalty by creating a loyalty plan and offering, for example, one spa treatment for free after five treatments. Are your top customers professional men between the ages of 27 and 32 who are in a relationship? Do you run an online tie store. Is Valentine’s Day coming up? Send them an email two weeks before

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Valentine’s Day, and offer a rose-red tie to “impress their partner on Valentine’s Day.” That’s what we do now.  they’re all about ecommerce. Screenshot Cabo Verde Email List our customers are mainly interested in ecommerce. The possibilities are endless. You can do so much with behavioral segmentation, and it all goes through one thing: Understand your customers. Ask them questions. I’ve also come up with two specific hypothetical examples, so you get

List Building Secrets  Are There Really

A better idea of how you can utilize behavioral segmentation to sell better. 1. Nail Salon Let’s assume that you do marketing for a nail salon where you craft the most fabulous nails in the world. I researched the regular clientele of nail salons in my area, and here are some facts that I found: Customers want the convenience of not having to deal with maintaining their nails. (Benefit) The average customer gets her nails done every three weeks. This is necessary for proper maintenance of their nails. (Usage habits) The busiest day for customers aged 18-23 is Saturday. (Usage habits) Not every nail salon is as good as the other.

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