Making it as easy as possible for users to find the right product is also a matter of user experience. In some cases, a list view is better, in other cases a grid view. It us company email database depends on your product and how broad the search is. The narrower, the more sense it makes us company email database to use a list view to provide more details about the product. One way to test is to compare user engagement for a mosaic view versus a list view. Here is what the mosaic view looks like Screenshot showing us company email database results on a bookstore Here is what the list view looks like. Screenshot showing results on a bookstore You should provide the option to use both,

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Then once you have enough A/B test data, you can show the winning version. CHECKOUT PAGE A/B TESTING IDEAS Of course, you also have to test us company email database downstream from the conversion page: the checkout process. There is nothing worse for an  us company email database  ecommerce store than losing customers in the checkout process. IDEA #20: OFFER AT CHECKOUT When users check out, they are us company email database already very invested in the decision to buy this product from you. That’s a good opportunity to have them sign up for a membership or subscription. It’s important to find the right balance here: how useful is it for first-time customers to sign up versus

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Repeat customers? What is the us company email database impact of order size on the likelihood to sign up? Screenshot showing the checkout page on Barnes & Noble IDEA #21: RECOMMENDATIONS IN SHOPPING CART. When users add an item to their shopping cart, it can make sense to show them items other users bought as well. Often, shoppers have similar interests, and this is a way to capitalize on that. Screenshot showing “people also bought” popup IDEA #22: ONE-PAGE VERSUS MULTI-PAGE CHECKOUT. Providing checkout on a single page versus multiple pages can have a big impact on shopping cart abandonments.

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