For example, for the search “men’s large black crew neck t shirt” you don’t want your. “men’s medium red crew neck t shirt” showing up for this search and wasting your ad spend. More advanced strategies involve breaking your campaigns out into Branded, Non-Branded, and Competitor terms where each campaign has keywords specific to their goal. Breaking campaigns out like this also allows you to track. The performance of branded vs. non-branded keywords as performance typically varies drastically between the two categories.

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YOUR BIDS Optimizing your bids is a never-ending game when you are competing on Amazon. Bids need to be continuously adjusted to stay ahead of the competition, grow your sales, and maintain efficiency. Your bid optimizations will be guided by your goals, which we discussed earlier. You Chile B2B List will also want to keep your ACOS goal in mind when determining whether to increase, decrease, or leave a bid. Example Scenario 1 Goal: Grow sales volume and improve efficiency ACOS Target: 10% You are looking at. A keyword with the following metrics over the past 14 days

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Keyword: Standing desk mat Bid: $1.50 Average CPC: $1.15 ACOS: 15% This keyword has been driving a good amount of sales over the past two weeks. However, the AOCS is currently 5% above your target. I would do one of two things in this situation. We are currently paying above the average CPC which means we are likely winning an ad spot a good amount of the time. We could try lowering our bid to $1.10 where we will not win as often, but our average CPC should come down which will result in a lower ACOS granted we do not lose more in ad revenue than we saved in spend. Leave the bid as is.

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