There’s no iron law that states you’re not allowed to place remarketing pixels on your thank you page itself. By placing the tracking pixel on your thank you page (with the exception of potential EU GDPR limitations). You can identify which users are buying which products. But, on top of that, you can then track these users down and remarket to them with ads that promote relevant product upsells. As opposed to advertising products that they failed to purchase, you can advertise new ones that they can return to buy. Screenshot showing an email by amazon This is how you can take one-time purchases and turn them into

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Repeat customers with an upward-trending CLV. Tactics such as these help you increase your ecommerce bottom line without having to drastically increase your budget. Why Because of the last perk of this tip: remarketing campaigns usually have the highest return Norfolk Island Email List types. When it comes to optimizing your ecommerce landing pages, it’s key to remember that these pages serve more as sales fronts than your ordinary product page. Keep your pages focused on generating sales and revenue over clicks and impressions, and you’ll be headed down the right path.

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Here are the key takeaways to remember from this post. Exhaust all of your product display options. Whether it’s product zooms or 360-degree views, or simply having really nice product photos. Make sure your customer has every view they need. Provide any and all necessary product info. Customers are going to want size information, shipping information, and sometimes even production information. Keep your customers informed. Provide context and social proof for your products. Don’t state facts and features – provide a context to the benefits and value of your product in the real world beyond the landing page experience.

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