Best And Worst Practice Screenshot showing google search results What the best practice does right. Dick’s Sporting Good’s snippet in the screenshot above has a clean Guam B2B List URL that’s easy to understand for users. REI’s snippet URL is even better, as it’s shown in a breadcrumb rich snippet and consists of a hierarchy (Camping and Hiking > Tents). What the worst practices do wrong: Amazon’s snippet Guam B2B List URL has a long filter parameter at the end (b?ie=UTF8&node=1258595011). Which doesn’t look good and is less trustworthy. To get breadcrumbs and rich snippets, you need to implement schema markup.

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Schema is like a dictionary for code: it helps search engines understand what a piece of data is about. For more help with Rich Snippets, you can try Google’s own Structure Data Markup Helper. For breadcrumbs specifically, you can check the Schema Breadcrumb documentation.[*] CONTENT Guam B2B List Next, we’ll take a look at how content pushes organic traffic and sales. We’ve started with how a site presents Guam B2B List itself in search results, the first touch point with the customer, and now we’re moving on to the information the site provides to visitors. IMAGE AND VIDEO GALLERIES Image and video galleries are a crucial part of the value proposition.

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When shopping online, customers can’t try clothes on or hold a product in their hands. So they rely on the visual information on the site. Your job is to make it easy and Guam B2B List convenient for them to get the best visual experience possible. Worst Practice Screenshot showing ecommerce product Guam B2B List page What the worst practice does wrong. Shows too-small thumbnails that make it hard to see what the image looks like. Forces Guam B2B List users to click through the thumbnail gallery unnecessarily (the example above has five thumbnails, but doesn’t show two of the thumbnails).

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