Verification: if it meets all the requirements that you established in the preparation stage. If an idea doesn’t pass the verification stage, go back to the incubation or preparation stages and try again. Anyone who engages in creative problem solving on a regular basis is likely already intuitively going through this process. By developing an awareness of these stages and applying tactics to help you through each step. You become more efficient and can produce better ideas more reliably. Start or grow your business with a Shopify Expert In Mexico we have an ecosystem of partners that can help you create your store. Grow your sales or migrate your business from another platform. Click on the link below and meet them. Plus you have significant discounts! The more information you have, the more chances there are. At this stage it is about knowing what your cards are and knowing the rules of the game.

You will need a solid understanding of your goal. Are you trying to come up with a catchy slogan? Are you trying to earn a certain amount of extra money? This is where you set the restrictions that you will apply in the verification stage. How big is your budget? What is your time limit? Who is the target audience for the idea? State your problem as concretely as possible, so you can start working on hindsight. Let’s see an example! “I want to earn €1,000 to enjoy a good holiday in two months”. Or “I want to reach 10,000 new cat owners with a Christmas marketing campaign”. If you’re tackling a problem for a company you work for. Or want to start, a SWOT analysis will help you lay all your cards on the table. You can consider potential obstacles and both internal and external advantages.

Preparation: Arm Cyprus phone number Information

Creation process Research is also a key part of Cyprus phone number this stage. All good research begins by asking the questions that will help you fill in the missing information. Write down these searches to guide. Your research and make the Internet your best ally: Use Google search to get more information about your issue and related topics. Use Google Trends to identify hot topics and trends. Use Reddit and get answers to your questions. And while you “snoop” the discussions that can provide you with useful information. Ask questions or find answers on Quora . Look for existing solutions to your problem and how those ideas were put into practice. This process could be repeated continuously and in a loop. As soon as you can. The creative process is complicated. And you’re likely to return to this stage if you don’t come up with good ideas.

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Incubation: connect the dots until the idea takes shape. How to develop creativity in marketing Photo by manny PANTOJA on Unsplash I’m not going to leave it for later. My idea is just to incubate Sounds like an excuse to do nothing. But not at all! It’s the same reason that sometimes when you walk away from a problem, you suddenly find a solution. In the incubation stage, we step away from the problem and everything we’ve accumulated in the preparation stage. Giving our minds a chance to connect the dots. Recognize that incubation occurs both passively and actively. Avoid feeling bad about taking a break or doing something else if you haven’t come up with something good. If you prefer, warm up your “creative muscles” in one of the following ways. Freewrite: write about your problem and just write down every thought and idea. Without worrying about grammar or spelling, or whether it makes sense.

Try To Move Cyprus phone number To The Next Stage

Not only is this a good warm-up, but our brains are good at spotting patterns. So we can find something useful amidst the clutter of words. Draw a Mind Map: Map out your problem in the middle of a whiteboard or on a piece of paper, then begin to group concepts together by drawing lines that can make the connections. Use a piece of paper or a free tool like Coggle . List and outline your thought process: You can use Workflowy (free), a sheet of paper, or a Google Docs document, and create a high-level outline, using bullet points to offer a possible solution, putting them together in groups and subgroups, etc. Make a Venn Diagram: Draw two or more overlapping circles to create a Venn diagram that you can use to express differences in each circle and commonalities where they overlap. This is especially useful for creating analogies and thinking of creative ways to explain something.

Echo someone else’s ideas: Two heads are better than one. Lay out your process for solving the problem with someone you trust, and apply the old improv rule, “If we have, and…” to follow each train of thought as far as possible, rather than rejecting any of them out of hand. premature way. At this stage, it is much more important to focus on the quantity of ideas than on the quality. There are no “bad ideas” at this point. You never know what connections will inspire something you can use, and at least this will prepare your mind for the next stage. 3. Lighting: Capture the ideas that make you vibrate When it rains, it pours down, especially during a brainstorm This is the moment of the great discovery: Eureka! It is just when an idea is born in the middle of a moment of inspiration. For inventors and entrepreneurs, these lightbulb moments can sometimes become the basis for a good founding story, one that comes as an avalanche of ideas when you least expect it.


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