Social Triggers included a power word (“Triggers”) in his business’ name as well. Makes sense, since Derek teaches the psychology behind marketing, after all. Social Triggers has a power word in their brand name For your next rebrand or business (for all you serial entrepreneurs), incorporate. A power word into your business’s name to ensure that you trigger (see what I did there?) an emotional response the second your customers stumble across your brand. One of the most important places to use power words in your marketing is in any call to action.

Ways to Build and Nurture Your Email List For Marketing

For example, we use “Masterclass”, “Free”, “Best”, and “Step-by-Step”. Sumo using the “free” power word On AppSumo, they use one power word (“Kick-Ass”) on their Welcome Mat popup. You ten places to use them to make your marketing work on overtime for your. You can then track your name from phone number india performance inside Sumo, like this. Screenshot showing Sumo form dashboard Get this set up on your site now. This link will give you a free Sumo account to do it. Then, sit back and watch as your email signups take off. If you want our personal Power Words list to print out and quickly reference on your desk for when you’re writing content headlines,

How to Build an Opt in Email List

business Don’t just skip past this article and move on with your day. Take action and start including power words in your marketing today. Choose one option from the examples in this post and apply the power words now. The easiest way to start? Incorporate power words into the calls to action and headlines in your List Builder tool, like this. Screenshot showing CRIk Nutrition popup Set up a simple popup to trigger 5 seconds after someone visits your site. Make a “FREE” offer for visitors to get your most popular article, video, or something else that’s quick and easy for you to start growing your email list with power words.

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