Show shoppers know that you know what they’re going through. Describe how you’ve been in their shoes and how your product or service is the perfect solution to their already hectic lives. GOOGLE HOME [ELECTRONICS] Sometimes the best solution for writing product descriptions that sell is to just keep it simple. Unlike products such as the DeWalt hammer above that require lots of tiny details. Items that are particularly unique, growing in popularity. Or high in demand don’t need all the extra wording.

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Google, the creator of the Google Home, is the master of brevity. Screenshot showing copy for a product When you’re lucky enough to have a product that practically sells Russia Phone Number List itself, the last thing you want to do is talk a shopper out of it. Hone your messaging by utilizing just a few words. In Russia Phone Number List each section of the Google Home product page, for example, features Russia Phone Number List are described in a creative 5-10 words: Screenshot showing copy for a product. Try techniques like rhyming words or coming up with your own unique one-liners to help set your short descriptions apart and give them personality.

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Say it to play it” used here by Google is a great example. Key Takeaway: The art of brevity is a magical thing when it comes to product descriptions. Being able to describe your product in just a few words helps to reduce confusion among your buyers and increase sales to your business. If you’re wondering how to hone your message, I recommend writing as you normally would. Then, remove the extra words that aren’t needed. Do it again. And again until you have a finely-tuned description that is fewer than 10 words.

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