I worked backward from 10,000 visitors. There are many ways you could grow a website to 10,000 visitors per month, like buying 10k worth of paid traffic. But if those visitors aren’t the right people (i.e. they’re not subscribing or buying from you), you’re wasting your money. That’s why you need a marketing plan that will reach and engage your target audience. Sleep Sumo’s marketing strategy included: One giveaway. Engaging the target audience on social media and in groups. Creating shareable content. It wasn’t always this simple. My initial plan was far more complicated: Screenshot showing Google Spreadsheets

What Are Ad Swaps and How Can

The total amount of visitors on my initial spreadsheet was 777 visitor per day, or about 23,000 visitors a month. But when I sent Noah my plan, he re-focused me on qatar mobile market working backward from the goal. Noah always told me do more of what is working to become more effective. For example, I stopped posting on my  I wasn’t seeing the return on investment. This gave me more time to focus on other things. If you’re assessing different marketing opportunities, we scored the opportunities based on two simple criteria: Ease of implementation. Potential impact

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Once you’ve assessed these two elements, your priorities should be clear. After scaling everything I could be doing, and with that feedback from Noah, I focused on the highest impact tasks to maximize the amount of time we had. Screenshot showing Google Spreadsheets Click here to get a copy of this plan. We narrowed down on a handful of effective strategies to reach the total daily traffic target of 567. We used a quant-based marketing approach to build the plan and work backward from the 10,000 visitor goal. Before you get to 10,000 visitors, you need to get to 100.

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