Screenshot showing Sumo Heat Maps on a Cameroon B2B List landing page Everything should help you achieve your website’s main goal, including your site’s menu. And if your goal is to build your email list, you’re in luck. This hack has helped me achieve a 19.29% conversion rate in the Cameroon B2B List short period of time I had it up. Screenshot showing stats in the Sumo dashboard So what’s the Cameroon B2B List hack? Include a two step opt-in in your menu, so that when your visitor clicks on the link. They see a popup form: Screenshot showing a Sumo popup This called the “foot in the door” technique.

Nothing More Than Your List

When you can get people to comply with a Cameroon B2B List smaller request (like clicking a link), they’re far more likely to comply with a larger request (entering their email address). Cameroon B2B List Pairing the attention that your menu gets, with the power of a two step opt-in like a Click Trigger is powerful Cameroon B2B List stuff. You don’t have to be a programmer or web designer to take advantage of this hack. If you use WordPress and Sumo, I got you. Step 1: Create a Click Trigger Popup in List Builder for your website menu.

Cameroon B2B List

Screenshot showing the Sumo Cameroon B2B List dashboard Under Visibility, copy the Embed Code: Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Step. Go to your WordPress dashboard and under Appearance  Menus, find your main navigation menu. Add a Custom Link, and paste the Click Cameroon B2B List Trigger Embed Code into both the URL and Link Text fields: Screenshot showing a WordPress website Press Cameroon B2B List Add to Menu. When the Click Trigger is in the Menu Structure section, remove the URL field so the only populated field is the Then, create the popup that you want to appear when your

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