The number one mistake you baza danych po niemiecku can make with your Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) Facebook ads is poor planning. So our agency Common Thread baza danych po niemiecku Collective wanted to make it easy for you. Today, I’m going to show you a data-driven five-part baza danych po niemiecku BFCM Facebook ads strategy, based on analyzing $6.85 million of our own clients’ baza danych po niemiecku Facebook ad spend data. The best part? There’s nothing tricky or overly complicated about it. Just good planning and good marketing.

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Here’s how to do it KNOW IN ADVANCE HOW BFCM CONVERSION RATES AND CLICK PRICES WILL RISE AND FALL .This is a photo of the main hallway baza danych po niemiecku wall in our office. Picture of a wall ornament We have that there to remind ourselves that everything in  baza danych po niemiecku  comes. Down to only three factors: How many visitors you get How many of them baza danych po niemiecku purchase (conversion rate), and How much money. They spend when they do (average order value) Multiply the three together and, voila, you’ve got a formula for how much money you’re making. That’s it. That’s the whole game. The question is: how do you maximize

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All three variables during baza danych po niemiecku Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Let me explain. Fact: People buy more stuff over BFCM weekend. You’re nearly guaranteed a huge bump in conversion rate over the BFCM weekend. Here’s what our clients’ average ecommerce conversion rate looks like across the whole year (on average it is around 2.85%). Graph showing conversion rates by month Here’s what it looks like when you isolate BFCM from the rest of November. (the conversion rate more than doubles to around 5.5%): Screenshot showing conversion rates by month OK: the conversion rate spike is coming.

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