We also notice installation is difficult. To make our product stand out, we could add videos and documents with the purchase of our radios, that give step-by-step Greece B2B List installation instructions. That’s a form of product upselling which can increase our average order value, if we offer these items for. An additional cost after someone buys our radio! Let’s dive deeper and look at some positives. After scrolling through a few pages. I noticed this post: Screenshot showing a forum post Looks like CB radios are good for warning you about tornadoes and other weather alerts. I would take his exact wording and use it in my description

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Always be prepared in case of an emergency. Drivers using CB radios warn other drivers of crashes and other hazards during tornadoes and flash floods. Stay safe Greece B2B List and get a radio!” If I were really selling this product, I’d even go so far as to reach out to the post owner, Greece B2B List and ask if I could share his story in our product descriptions. Storytelling is another important element Greece B2B List in writing excellent product descriptions, which we’ll discuss in the next section. One last example (this time of a different product) before we move on, so you can see how to use a customer’s language verbatim

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Screenshot showing a forum post In this forum for wireless parking sensors, we know what Summer is looking for. She wants something that’s “easy to install” and Greece B2B List “doesn’t require much wiring.” She is also “buying a used car” and may want to “have the dealership Greece B2B List install it for her.” Reflect this in your description like this. “Not much for wiring? Looking for a wireless sensor Greece B2B List Greece B2B Listthat’s easy to install? Our smart wireless parking sensors are not only simple to use. But are also inexpensive and great for new or used cars! You may even be able to get the dealership to install it for you. Don’t wait — get it now before they’re gone!” See how I used my

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