While I am far from an expert in intelligent content, many things about its concepts make sense to me, and I was looking for a project where I could apply its principles. Enter our content marketing examples, which was something we used to collect in a very ad hoc way. Now we are much more systematic with how we collect and reuse our examples. Not only does this save time on UK Mobile Number our end, but we can provide better output for our audience as well. But let me take a step back and first share what prompted us to move to an intelligent content process. Our non-intelligent way We collect examples of content marketing for multiple content purposes. Under the old “system,” someone would see a great example.

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And email it to me or someone else on the editorial team. “Great example,” I’d reply, and, if feeling organized, store the email with the example in an inbox folder. I’m not sure what others UK Mobile Number on the editorial team did, as I never bothered to ask. Or one of our blog posts would have a great example in it, and I’d think, “We should include that in a roundup UK Mobile Number piece (a future article pointing our readers to our favorite examples).” We had ideas of how we’d use these examples, but we were not doing anything formal. We then decided to start publishing a weekly content marketing example on Facebook.

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When our community manager needed an example, she would email me, then I would have to find one and we have to spend time to figure out how to get a screenshot or image, UK Mobile Number etc. Not so scalable or efficient, right? Things got a bit better when we started collecting all examples in a Google spreadsheet, as it was a centralized repository, but it was still jumbled and inefficient. Everyone recorded different kinds of information, and the level of detail for each example was inconsistent. That first spreadsheet was a good starting place because we all had access to a single source of the content, but we lacked UK Mobile Number standards for what to record and how. Our more intelligent way As I learned about intelligent content, I knew there should be a better way.

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