The field of is displaying remarkable growth in terms of the demand for skilled personnel. And consequently, it is arguably the most lucrative career option across the globe at this time. For this Tongliao Phone Number analysis, we shall focus on one of the most developed regions in today’s world, the State of California, USA. Average basic digital marketing salary in California is $75,000/yr.  What we have reported here is the average of 4 distinct surveys to begin with. And this figure is the base salary. The benefits are additional. Most of this sum comes in the form of bonuses.

Certainly, there seems to be substantial variation in these figures. What is constant in the data from these sources is that experts in the field of data marketing earn 13% more than professionals in other fields in the State of California.

Digital Marketing Salary in California for Different Roles

As a  in California, you can start earning a base salary of $48,000, and this is according to thereport. If you are an employee of Google, you get a package of $135,000 in the same position, while in Motor Club of America, you earn around $208,000.

At the next level of expertise, as a here, you will get a salary package of $57,000. This is according to which further clarifies that if you are working in TopView Sightseeing in California, you will get a package as big as $102,000. Marketing Specialist

In California, a  earns an average base salary of $60,000. If you are working in Apple or Rayus Radiology, you may get a package as high as $145,000, as reports.


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Marketing Manager

Similarly, going one step higher, as ain California, you can expect to earn an average base salary of $76,000.  however, reports that you can expect to earn more than $200,000 in the same position if you are in Apple. Content WriterAs a basic Content Writer in the State of California, you can expect to earn around $62,000, but in a company like Rayus Radiology, you will earn in the vicinity of $183,00

According to the in California will get a package of $70,000. However, the same professional in Tenable will earn more than $160,000.

Thus, if you have the requisite skills, you may carve a very comfortable niche for yourself in California. Choosing a balanced training program of repute like the PG Program in Digital Marketing co-managed by Purdue University & Facebook makes significant changes.

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