Audiences The result was 88,000 new website visitors, 3,184 new customers, and $136,316 new revenue. Screenshot showing Google Analytics stats for iLoveDogs By creating additional channels of advertising and distribution like this. And trading on the credibility of an “influential” brand in the space, we were able to scale up our ad campaigns and create a win for both sides. Note: The deal structure that we arranged with iHeartDogs was a fixed-pricing package. Based on an expected cost per thousand of impressions (CPM). In other words, we were paying for guaranteed audience access we were receiving.

Using Marketing Partners

The deal included emails to their database, advertorial content creation for placement on their site. Multiple organic social posts, and advertiser access for 30 days. We always prefer to work on a fixed-fee when possible because it allows us to create more margin as we scale versus a variable Kazakhstan B2B List margin. Get a detailed case study on how to leverage advertiser access to influencer pages vs. traditional pay-per-post engagement 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS TO SCALE YOUR NEXT FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGN. Here are the three key takeaways we hope you get from our experience: Plan Ahead.

To Help You Build Your List

Scaling like this won’t happen without planning. Making sure you have your financial, technical, and creative ducks in a row is a must. Start Broad, Narrow Down, Then Multiply. Give yourself as many potential winning ad/audience combinations as possible to start. Kill losers quickly to protect your budget, then duplicate and manual bid your winners. Influence The Outcome. Finding additional pages/people that you can run your proven ad campaigns through is a powerful way to both validate your brand and create additional scale on social platforms. If you made it this far, you have the right kind of obsession to be great at this process

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