So what are the overseas brand promotion channels? For enterprises that want to conduct cross-border trade and increase the number of foreign trade orders, they want to promote their brands overseas, attract consumers at home and abroad, and enhance the influence of enterprises and brands. If they can find some suitable channels for marketing If you promote it, it will eventually have a multiplier effect. Introduce you below.

1. Cross-border e-commerce platforms

For foreign trade companies that want to conduct cross-border sales, it is a good choice to Russia Mobile Number use cross-border e-commerce platforms for overseas brand promotion. The popularity of the domestic e-commerce platform can increase the influence of the brand, and it can also increase the conversion rate. In addition, choosing a cross-border e-commerce platform for overseas brand promotion can also quickly see the effect of the promotion, and then adjust according to the promotion effect.

2. E-commerce independent

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website For foreign trade e-commerce companies who want to conduct cross-border sales, because it is a brand-independent website, consumers can pay more attention to the brand, choose the brand, and then choose the brand. The product. On the e-commerce independent station, brands can create a unique brand independent station according to the brand’s own characteristics, design their own business cards, and create a richer brand story through the cross-border e-commerce independent station to attract more consumers at home and abroad.

And through the e-commerce independent station, we can grasp the user information on the website browsing and even purchasing behavior in detail, through the establishment and improvement of the user information database, we can continuously analyze the preferences of customers, and generate more marketing promotion methods according to the user’s preferences. Improve user precipitation quality.

3. Social media

For foreign trade companies that want to conduct cross-border sales and want to quickly increase the influence and popularity of their products, social media marketing as one of the overseas marketing models is a good choice. First of all, the user base of using social media is large, which can better screen out target groups interested in enterprise products, and then conduct targeted marketing promotion by analyzing the needs and hobbies of target user groups, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort. 

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