IMPORTANT: Similar to you can also justify the money. To be receive with other expenses, such as all those that are aim at establishing. The cooperative or courses and training necessary to carry out your work in it. This is something that is repeated in the same way with the rest of the cases. So it is always good to keep it in mind. If it is undertaken as a partner of a labor company. Existing or newly create) In the event that you want to undertake as a partner of a labor company. Whether existing or newly create, the alternatives available to you are. Receive in a single payment, exclusively, the money corresponding to the capital necessary. To acquire the status of partner, either through shares or participations in the company’s capital stock.

Receive 100% of the corresponding benefits. Which will be use to pay the monthly contributions to Social Security . You can also receive the money necessary to acquire the status of partner in the company. And allocate the rest of the money to the payment of monthly Social Security contributions. To be viable, it is necessary that you do not use 100% of the benefits that correspond. To you in the process of acquiring the status of partner within the company. If it is undertaken as a self-employe partner of a commercial company. Newly constitute or already existing. The first thing you have to know is that in order to request unemployment capitalization. To undertake as a self-employe partner in an existing commercial company. It cannot exceed 12 months of seniority .

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With this said, you can request 100% of Peru phone number your benefits. To be part of a commercial company through the capitalization of unemployment. Provid that two conditions are met: There is no previous employment relationship. With the company to which it is intend to enter with the help of the capitalization. Of unemployment. (Unless said link is that of a self-employe worker providing services. To the company or society) That it possesses effective control of the commercial company. To which it is intend to join, for this it is necessary that the shares or participations. Are equivalent to half of the social capital. When half of the share capital is distribute. Among partners who share some marital, blood or legal relationship with you.

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If your participation in the share capital is equivalent to or greater than a third of the total. → Having a shareholding equivalent to or greater than a quarter of the total share capital, as long as they have a position or function similar to the direction or management of the company they wish to join. IMPORTANT It is essential to be able to request 100% of the capitalization of unemployment, that the commercial activity with which you wish to enter the company is register within the Special Regime of the Social Security of Self-Employe or Self-Employe Workers or in the Special Regime of the Social Security of Sea Workers What are the requirements to apply for financing for your project?

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I already mentione the requirements before, these are, in short, being a beneficiary of some contributory unemployment benefit and having to receive at least 3 months. But, apart from that, there are certain conditions that you must meet if you want to receive the single payment of your social benefits. These are: Not having made self-employment compatible with unemployment benefit in the last 24 months prior to application. Having pass the trial period require by the cooperative to which it is intend to enter. This is in the event that it foresees in its statutes the need to pass some type of trial period. Wait for the resolution of the procedure in case the cessation of work prior to unemployment has been challenge before the social jurisdiction.

If you meet the conditions mention above, you will have the possibility of requesting unemployment capitalization in any of its modalities. 3 steps to request unemployment capitalization and finance your project There are two main ways to do it, through the electronic headquarters of the SEPE and in person. Face-to-face application The face-to-face application for capitalization of unemployment is one of the main methods, and the one that is for many the simplest, since you will have the support and advice of a qualifie employee who will guide you during the process. To be able to make the request for the single payment of your benefits, you first need to request an appointment through the SEPE electronic office.



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