Under the threat of COVID-19 (serious special infectious pneumonia, new coronary pneumonia, Wuhan pneumonia), all countries in the world are working hard to develop their own vaccines, and Taiwan is no exception. On the domestic vaccine track, Guoguang, Lianya, and High-end competed in the initial stage.

Guoguang fell after the first phase of the trial.

At the beginning of this year (2021), the other Slovenia Phone Number two vaccines have entered the second phase of the trial successively. On June 10 this year, the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the Food and Drug Administration) announced the emergency use authorization (EUA) review standards for domestically produced COVID-19 vaccines (Figure 1). The protection of the Phase III trial is the threshold,

but Taiwan uses the “neutralized antibody”

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induced by the vaccine as the review standard (Figure 2) (Note 1). Biology Column_High-end Vaccine Remapping_Work Area_1 Photo Credit: Science Monthly Figure 1: EUA review standards for COVID-19 vaccines in my country. Biological Column_High-end Vaccine Redrawing-02 Photo Credit:

Science Monthly Figure 2: my country’s COVID-19 vaccine efficacy evaluation criteria. On July 19 this year. The Food and Drug Administration announced that the high-end COVID-19 vaccine has passed the EUA review. Becoming the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine that has passed the national review based on the neutralizing antibody titer. This article briefly introduces its advantages and challenges through the public papers (Note 2) and press releases of the first and second phases of high-end vaccines. High-end vaccines, what’s in them?

The key lies in the “antigen” and “adjuvant”. Good antigens elicit the right antibodies, and good adjuvants can safely boost antibody concentrations. Activate the right T cells, and avoid side effects.

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