The constant advancement of technology and the appearance of more and more digital tools not only affect the way we work or communicate. It goes much further: it influences the different aspects of our lives . For example, education is one of those aspects that is influence by new technological advances. Proof of this, we have gamification , also call gamification . But this model is not only applicable to education, something that I will also talk about in this article where we will see: What is gamification? Objectives pursue by gamification in an online store What are the learning techniques of educational gamification? 6 best tools to put gamification into practice What is gamification?

That allows educators or instructors to offer new teaching methods that are much more interactive, intuitive and interesting. It makes use of games or recreational activities, but it is not usually aim at entertainment activities, but rather at the work/professional scene. Gamification can be use in business meetings, conventions and exhibitions, although its most common use is within education . That’s how it is. It is an excellent tool for educators and instructors who want to capture the attention of their students. Now, surely you are wondering: How is this possible? Well, the reality is that certain techniques and tools are use to implement educational gamification in any teaching environment. Even if it is virtual classrooms or online courses. O

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bjectives pursue by gamification in an Latvia phone number online store You already know what gamification or gamification is, but… What is it for? As a general objective, educational gamification seeks to improve student learning through ‘recreational’ activities But does this mean that gamification is only viable in the classroom? Well the answer is no. It’s just that education is one of the most receptive areas for this type of methodology and, therefore, where it has had more results for some years. But this does not mean that other areas cannot make use of gamification. For example, an online store can also implement gamification , only the goals it pursues will vary compare to the goals of an institution. The objectives pursue by gamification in an online store are: Increase the interest of customers.

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Users and / or employees of ecommerce Internalize in a practical way the daily activities or tasks, as well as the different contents that are offer in the different ecommerce channels. Create a closer and lasting link between customers, employees and the company itself, through interactive activities. Encourage the purchase decision and interaction with the company through unique methods that make you stand out from the rest of the competition. Provide value to the user or client , beyond the content, product or service offer. Direct the attention of users to the areas that interest us. Accompany and guide our clients in the Buyer’s Journey with games and interactive activities Do you have a business idea?

Gamification Is Latvia phone number An Educational Model

Get start with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required. Email address Email address EYE. This at least when we refer to an online store, without this having any direct relationship with teaching. When it comes to a company that is focused on education. Whether through courses or direct education, gamification focuses on other objectives, direct towards the students themselves and their integration in the ‘classroom’ . What are the learning techniques of educational gamification? Let’s now talk about the learning techniques of educational gamification, which are, a priori, the most important aspect of this methodology. Every gamification technique extrapolates the basic mechanics and aspects of every game to create a dynamic and attractive teaching method.

Among the main techniques used we can find. Rewards system One of the main techniques that is often used in educational gamification is the implementation of a reward system. It consists in that every time a goal is achieved or a learning is achieved, the student is rewarded. The advantage of this particular technique is that it motivates students to learn by giving them a much clearer goal. Somehow more ‘perceivable’ or satisfying than just learning something new. Free guide: 9 products that are trending and you can sell online today Are you still thinking about what things are easily sold online? There are products that sell better than others. With these that we suggest today you have success (almost) assured.


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