Free guide: How to take advantage of social networks to promote your products. And services Do you already have a presence with your business in the main social networks? These, in addition to being useful for creating a community and boosting your branding. Can help you sell more. Discover the best techniques in this free ebook! “Our community has transformed shopping into an experience based on discovery, connection and entertainment. Creating unprecedented opportunities for brands to capture the attention of consumers,” said Blake Chandlee. President of Global Business Solutions at TikTok. “TikTok is uniquely positioned. At the center of content and commerce, and these new solutions make it even easier for businesses. Of all sizes to create engaging content that drives consumers directly to the digital point of purchase. We’re thrilled.” to expand our partnership with Shopify. And make TikTok more accessible than ever for its merchants.”

The TikTok Shopping pilot is currently available to Shopify merchants in the US and UK. With the feature rolling out to other regions of the world in the coming months. Shopify merchants can request early access to the TikTok Shopping pilot through Shopify’s TikTok channel. To learn more about the TikTok channel and to install the app, visit the Shopify App Store Instagram is one of the best networks to boost our sales through graphic and visual content. But publishing posts is not the only thing we can do within this social network. And one of the biggest advantages that Instagram has is its so-called live . Instagram Live, or what is the same, Instagram direct, are one of the best methods to interact with our community on that social network . And this is just one of the advantages offered by this excellent IG resource.

Learn How Turkey phone number To Make A Live

With Instagram Live it is even possible to create live Turkey phone number broadcasts together. With other people or brands, with the aim of creating much more interactive and interesting content. But… Let’s go for the main thing: What is Instagram Live? Instagram Live is one of the different formats that this social network allows on its mobile platform. This is an extra feature to Instagram stories, which allows us to broadcast live for up to a maximum of 4 hours. It is possible for you to engage with your audience through comments and interactions like regular Instagram likes. In addition, you can also participate in shared direct with other users of the platform, who can request to join or you can invite them. In iOS, in addition to sharing video of what is happening around you, you can also share an image.

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Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address Why should I do direct on Instagram if I have a business? Now, what do live videos have and why is it a good idea to make them on Instagram? Well, there are many reasons for this. One of them I already told you about, and that is that they allow you to interact directly with your community on Instagram. But, this is not the only reason. Here are some advantages of doing a direct: 1. Perfect to “humanize” your brand and generate greater trust The main advantage of this Instagram tool is that it helps you gain more trust with your audience , making your brand appear more “human”.

Through This Turkey phone number Video Format

Do you already have a presence with your business in the main social networks? These, in addition to being useful for creating a community and boosting your branding, can help you sell more. Discover the best techniques in this free ebook! This is because Instagram Live is a direct tool. Videos without editing, without a script, without preparation beyond what you can do before you start recording. Once you start the live, all your actions will be genuine and original There will be no cuts, edits or anything like that. Your reactions will be natural, and this is something that will draw a lot of attention from your audience, who will find it much easier to connect with your business or brand. 2. They are an opportunity to boost the organic growth of your profile.

Thanks to the possibility of sharing a direct on Instagram with friends and acquaintances, it is possible that your audience will help you gain more audience through friends and acquaintances. Of course, this will depend on the type of content you are making in your direct, and its usefulness for your audience. But, as if this were not enough, the lives also appear in the “Explore” option of Instagram, so there is the possibility that more people can find you organically through this other option. In this case, factors such as the category of your content, the visibility it has and the level of interactions on your live play an important role. 3. Show a notification to everyone who follows you An excellent advantage is that once you start a direct through Instagram Live.


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