Therefore, Marketing Automation”? Marketing Automation? That we can guess what they are about, but that it is necessary to clarify. One of them is this one. Which allows you to completely or partially automate your marketing actions within your business. Processes such as sending mass emails to specific groups of potential clients. Automatic responses and scheduled promotions are examples. Of daily tasks for a professional in the online world. These allow a business to grow and sell more. But the first step should always be to create a solid and attractive online store to offer your products. What are you waiting for? Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days. No credit card details required Email address Email address. We will talk about all this and much more today in this article.

We start: Marketing Automation. Keys and strategies Automation in our campaigns and marketing actions is one of the elements. That most increases the number of conversions of an ecommerce. Automating not only frees us from having. Therefore, To process and carry out marketing actions manually, which can consume enormous amounts of time. One of the professionals who can best explain it to you is Bego Romero , whom we have invited to do. So in this episode of Masters of Ecommerce: Do you want to know everything? Hit PLAY! Have you been wanting more? Subscribe to the Shopify Ecommerce Masters podcast on your favorite platform. And join us for our next episode to learn more from the ecommerce experts. Furthermore, as it is a standardized process, it guarantees a minimum. Of quality in messages and precision in delivery.

How To Use Belize phone number Marketing Automation?

What is Marketing Automation? What processes Belize phone number should NOT be automate? Can everyone automate their marketing? Is it true that quality is lost when automating? What are the main errors in automation processes? What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation. Therefore, Or “marketing automation” is a process by which it is about automating repetitive tasks of the day to day of a business. If we send an email on a regular basis and we can automate that part. Then in reality we save minutes – which are multiplied by tens of thousands of emails. It is about saving time and effort and dedicating ourselves to what is truly important: the strategy of our ecommerce . What is Marketing Automation? Photo by Djim Loic on Unsplash A strategy that will help us better define the competitive advantages of our product or service, our specific target.

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HERE IS AN EXAMPLE: Imagine that we must develop new loyalty programs or specific promotions. This time we gain to focus on making our brand and products attractive is invaluable. Regarding this key to more efficient time management , Bego leaves us an idea to keep in mind: If we are going to waste five hours a day creating and sending emails. Therefore, Why not spend those five hours planning what we are going to do next month? What can I automate in my ecommerce? One of the first keys to carry out an effective and efficient marketing automation process is to understand which parts of the online business can be automated and which cannot. Bego points out that methodical processes, those that are carried out on a regular basis and that usually have two or three possible ways of doing it, are the best candidates to be automated.

Sending Belize phone number Mass Mail Campaigns

In the world of marketing we would be talking about: Sales Funnels (We take this opportunity to share this mega guide on Shopify sales funnels!). Send Mail Campaigns About Re-purchase (cart abandonment). Chatbots that channel attention to client. Therefore, Offer campaigns scheduled by email. All our advertising on social networks! We can automate small tasks or absolutely everything. From all the processes of our website, mass email shipments, personalized email shipments, etc. The processes that are irregular in their times and that also have multiple possible results for their resolution, you will have to control them manually. A good example of this is the responses to cases of dissatisfied customers .

This builds trust and increases the chances of offering a repair to this customer, which could even end up retaining him and turning him into a potential future buyer. Therefore, Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash Can everyone automate their marketing? Yes. In principle, everyone can engage in marketing automation. There are tools available to everyone. In the Shopify App Store you will find many solutions to automate your marketing. From applications for sending emails for repurchase in abandoned carts, to automation solutions for your parcel. Bego Romero has it clear: Today almost all the actions we do can be automated: social networks, emails, upselling or downselling cross-selling, orders, etc.


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