Therefore, Every piece of data that you can extract from the analytics of your customers. In your ecommerce will help you to build your ideal buyer persona. When you have an online store. Your main goal should be for people to notice your presence, products or services. And that they also share it among their acquaintances in order to grow your audience.  You must look for organic traffic, from search engines, that allow you to be visible to your target market. That is why your store must have a strong presence in search engines, as is the case with Google. Through a list of words related to your store. Brand and products, customers can search for content that helps them decide. Which is the right store to make the purchase.

And here it is time for you to have a well-generated SEM strategy. With the aim of making your store visible in the first places of the search engines that your market frequents. What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)? For its acronym in English, Search Engine Marketing. On the Internet to promote websites through increasing their visibility. In search engine results pages (SERPs). As part of this marketing strategy, there are 3 main actions. That contribute to the visibility of your online store through search engines. Pay Per Click (PPC). This strategy is directly related to the possibility for a business to generate advertising. For your online store, when you create a PPC campaign.

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That’s why every time a person clicks on your “sponsored Cambodia phone number link”. The budget you set is subtracted by the amount that click is worth. Pay Per Click (PPC). There are several types of pay per click advertising. Like the ads that appear in the results. Within the search engine pages such as Google, Bing, or the banners. Static or dynamic, within the websites that users frequent. Have you entered a site and see a banner that then follows you throughout your web browsing? Then you are learning about a type of pay-per-click advertising call contextual advertising. This type of advertising is intend to only reach. The interested public through text, image and graphic ads and videos.

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Used in your online store, the system performs a tracking service of the site. That your customers visit and if it has words related to your keywords. It shows the multimedia element that you have created as an advertising element. Its main objective is to quickly and intelligently generate exposure on a large number of sites. And you only have to pay for the clicks that are made on your advertising. And send customers directly to your business. Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) It is the process of editing the content. And code of a site to improve its visibility in search engines. Its objective is to make your site appear. In the highest positions of organic searches , thanks to the positioning of keywords.

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Organic result for “create online store” To carry out this strategy, various techniques such as link building are used, with which it is sought to have an increase in links, for example from your online store, to increase its visibility on the web. Currently, an SEO strategy must be based on quality content, so it is recommended that your ecommerce have a blog where you can write optimized articles related to what you sell. This way you are going to position those key words or phrases of an informational type , with which you will capture visits from people who are looking to solve certain doubts related to your activity. Free Download: SEO Checklist Do you want to rank high in search results? Get access to our free search engine optimization checklist. Remember: “content is king” What are the objectives pursued by the SEM?

By creating and employing an SEM strategy, some objectives are achieved that online store owners like you (who may be just starting out or have been for a short time) will highly value: The start of a brand awareness campaign (branding) is facilitated Expenses are kept optimized through creative activities designed for a target audience Conversions and a higher return on investment ROI are generated It reaches just the audience that your store requires What benefits does SEM bring to my digital strategy? Like all optimization, if done correctly it can generate significant benefits. Some of them: Increase site traffic And this traffic will also be highly qualified, since you will only be attracting people who may potentially be interested in your products.

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