LinkedIn video or write a few long-form articles. For Twitter, you could host a Twitter chat focused on the topic of your giveaway. 4. Facebook Ads When Sam Jefferies was looking for ways to promote his giveaway. Here’s one of his ads: Screenshot showing a facebook post sharing a sweepstakes. There are a few approaches you could use to target potential entrants using. Facebook Ads Target people who already Like your Page (if you already have a Page.) Use data from your Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to build up a profile of who you’d like to target, and advertise to people who match those demographics.

How to Build an Opt-In Mailing List

Add the Facebook Pixel to your website and use retargeting ads to connect with. If you invest in Facebook Ads, create a couple of variations of your ads to see which  liste numeri cellulari  performs best before putting in your full budget. 5. Partner Promotion We touched on finding partners for your giveaway earlier. But now, it’s time to get your partners . To help you with promotion and generating contestants for your giveaway. If you’re already working with partners who have supplied prizes for your giveaway, you want to make it as simple as possible

What  Says About Email Marketing

For them to share your giveaway with their audience. When Noah launched his podcast, he used a giveaway to entice people to subscribe, and when. He asked partners to share the giveaway (and news of his podcast launch), he created an email and social media post swipe file. Here’s the email template Screenshot showing an email And the social media posts: Screenshot showing copy for sweepstakes. This made it super simple for partners to copy and paste the text and links, rather than having to manually write something themselves — making them more likely to share as they don’t have to do any work.

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