Entrepreneurs & Workaholics: Saturday at 10am B2B (Normal People Who Work 9-5): Saturday at 10am B2C (Consumers): Saturday at 12am That might be zuid afrika telefoonnummer enough for you, if you’re starting out and only have a small list of no more than 2,000 subscribers. But zuid afrika telefoonnummer if you’re more advanced, you’ll want to find the best time to send for YOUR unique zuid afrika telefoonnummer audience. Inside this guide I’m going to show you: The best time to send based on your type of email . How to catch your subscribers when they’re (mostly) free from distractions. An easy way to a/b test your way to the perfect send time.

Email Autoresponder

If you’d like a fill-in-the-blank zuid afrika telefoonnummer worksheet you can use to answer a handful of questions to find the best time to send email for your business, click the button below to download it now. Get my free worksheet!  Best practices aside, you need to remember who zuid afrika telefoonnummer you’re really sending your emails to. Is your email audience top executives who’ve already completed what most consider to be a full day by 6:00am? Or are you sending emails to stay-at-home moms, college kids, and small business owners? Knowing this makes a huge difference in your email scheduling.

Say To Your Subscribers

If you’re only sending your emails based off general data zuid afrika telefoonnummer you’re not going to make any progress.  In the first case, top executives like Tim Cook reportedly read their emails as early as 3:45am! Sending an email to this crowd at 2:00am may help you beat the rush.[*] While new moms and college kids might also be up at this time, they’re probably not in the ideal frame of mind you’re hoping to reach. It’s also essential that you consider your avatar’s age.

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