It is true that in previous lines we talked about how important it is for your business to

have a website, but we know that many times you do not have the time or the money to maintain it.

The truth is that this would be in optimal conditions, but better not break your head and better bet on social networks.

Before deciding to upload to the fashion network, it is. USA Phone Number important that you know your target audience, because it will depend on them on which platforms you will be publishing. We are not saying that the others are prohibited, but you should focus your efforts only on the ones that your customers use.

Of course, fortunately in all of them you have the possibility to make  payments online , either through a payment link that you can generate, as well as payment on delivery, once they have bought you.

Now yes, let’s talk about the four of the most important networks today and that many people use:


There is no doubt that Facebook is the number one social media platform in terms of audience size. Almost anything can be posted here, from business updates, timely information about your business, new product promotions, sound or music, short stories, images or simple text.

This is one of the networks to which you should belong for the USA Phone Number simple fact that it will help you to have horizontal and direct communication with your audience, answer their questions, without even asking you (they can search for your hours and location), therefore, Not having a page on this network can cause many sales opportunities to be lost.


You must bear in mind that this social network is very ephemeral. Here people appreciate having puns and immediate answers to all their questions. Of course, they are one of. The most critical audiences, as well as difficult to understand, but once they read you, they will follow you faithfully.

Here there is more simplicity and the messages should be straight to the point, which will help you, since it has a limit of 280 characters, so you must be resourceful when using them. In case you publish an article, post or other link, it will always be well received. It’s particularly good at providing simple updates on your business.


Perhaps one of the most visual platforms to join, so if your business must fall in love with the view, this is the space you need. The only thing you should think very carefully about is whether you have the necessary material to obtain the images you require, otherwise it could be a complete failure, so think very carefully.

It is important that you know that most of the people on this platform are there to acquire a lifestyle, so if your field is fashion, decoration, trendy food, as well as curiosities, it is perhaps the best platform that you can join.


USA Phone Number

It is fashionable and it is a sensation among young people. But should your brand really be there? For starters, most of its users are under 30, so if your audience is that age, read on. The challenge in this network is to be original, take advantage of the different tools it offers.

Unlike the other networks, here the institutional is out and you will have to be more personal. The you do not need thousands of followers to see you, since it has a “for you” section.  Where users will see publications that the algorithm finds interesting, here you can also. Use hashtags related to the topics, so you could build your brand there.

With these four, you should evaluate which one suits you to have, if you are. Willing to keep them updated with information, participate in trends or create appropriate content. And please, avoid replicating what you do in one, to publish it in another. This usually doesn’t work and makes you look like a lazy brand.

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