Now is the time that companies normally plan Cayman Islands Phone Number how. They’ll close out their calendar years with a strong q4. However, the continuing coronavirus pandemic and. Recession it triggered have thrown most of this year’s plans out the window. According to emarketer, retail. Sales are projected to total $23.358 trillion in 2020, a Cayman Islands Phone Number figure more than $3 trillion below the research firm’s. Pre-pandemic estimates. Competition for holiday sales will be intense, to say the least, and it won’t be easy. To capture consumers’ attention when no one knows what will happen next week, let alone next month. Sponsored by liveramp build your data strategy on the right foundation your marketing data foundation. Is being pressure tested. Find out how our data connectivity platform can help preserve and enrich

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Of your customers. Read the blog yet the secret to. Winning shoppers over during uncertain times is the same as when things are normal — data. With the. Right permissioned information at hand and available for analysis, marketers can make better revenue-driving. Decisions. What is the “right” data? Of course, this begs two questions — what is Cayman Islands Phone Number the “right” information, and. Why do i not have it? The truth is, under any circumstances, it’s impossible for any company to anticipate. Everything about its audience through the channels it controls. Recent data is particularly vital now when. Consumers’ situations are changing day to day. At any moment, the information your brand needs to shift. Strategies and make bold, course-correcting decisions may be data you’ve never accessed before. Data partnerships are becoming more popular for brands to find their competitive edge in the

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A cpg brand, you may want to access retailers’ pos data to cross reference with your media and trade campaign results, accurately assign attribution, and streamline media spend. If you’re a qsr brand that works with multiple delivery companies, you may want to enter into data partnerships to spot macrotrends to Cayman Islands Phone Number plan for as the pandemic continues. Your data access checklist getting access to data is challenging because every dataset, no matter who owns it, has specific permissions for use. This holds true for internal teams as well as external partners. Accessing the right data could mean the difference between surviving and thriving. In order for your company to flourish, you need to know how to identify potential data partners, have preliminary conversations with them, and if those go well, clearly document the

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