Amy Porterfield is a landing page genius, and she strategically uses power words all over her landing pages. Amy Porterfield using power words on their webinar popup are all power words, and they work together to make. Class: How to Create and Deliver Your Webinar  Join me as I walk you through what it takes to create a webinar. Did that make you fall asleep? Well, wake up, more power word goodness ahead. POWER WORDS ON BUTTONS If you think you’re running out of places to include power words, think again.

Email List Building – 5 Steps to Implement For Free

We haven’t even talked about using power words in button text. We use power words in our button text on the Sumo homepage by inviting visitors to try Sumo for free. Screenshot filipino mobile number showing Sumo homepage Without the word “Free” that button would go needlessly unpressed way too often. We’re not the only ones who do this. “Now” which works double duty by providing a sense of urgency. POWER WORDS IN TESTIMONIALS Remember how we told you testimonials are the granddaddy of social

What Exactly is a Double Opt-In Email List

proof? One company tested using testimonials on their sales page and it increased conversions by 34%. They add invaluable credibility to your brand. Make your testimonials work overtime for your business by featuring the ones including power words. Marie Forleo does this on her testimonials page: Marie Forleo using power words on her testimonials page The words “Unique” and “Perfectly” take this testimonial light-years ahead of one simply containing the words “Great” or “Well”. Unfortunately, it’s a bit tacky to ask your clients to use power words in their testimonials. Do the next best thing by featuring testimonials that include

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