Sumo Price: Free. As mentioned previously, I installed Sumo to be my #1 email marketing tool. It’s free until I make $500 sales vs other email marketing tools that email dj charge based on number of email subscribers. For now, those five apps are enough. I’m pretty sure there will be email dj more apps in the future but I don’t even have a single sale yet so. I don’t want to spend more time on setting email dj up apps I may never need. PRODUCT PAGE Because I only have one product (for now), creating a product page wasn’t that time-consuming. I created a new product in Shopify, uploaded four product images,

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And came up with a simple email dj product description. Because I had to rush I didn’t have time to write a great description. I will change this later. Screenshot showing Hyke product page Product description translation: Are you looking for freedom. Do you want to live a life on your  email dj  own rules. Well, go pack your things together and just do it! Whether you’re living a digital nomad lifestyle, email dj going on a business trip. Or want to take a break from the hustle – you need a bag which simply works. If you need more individuality the custom HYKE backpack is the right one for you! With time. I will change the product description and images.

Email Marketing System

Also, because of my limited time email dj that evening, I didn’t set up the “Product Options” app. THEME/DESIGN I scrolled through all free themes on the Shopify theme store but couldn’t find one that had the options I was looking for. So I bought a theme for $49 USD. I spent about email dj one hour arranging the theme sections: Screenshot showing Shopify product dashboard. By the end of email dj the hour I had my front page design ready: Sreenshot showing Hyke Shopify store Again, this is far from the final design. My main goal for the front page design was to let visitors instantly know what the business is about.

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