Automation cannot be successful when operating in a silo.

That’s why it’s key for teams – particularly marketing, sales, and success teams to be in alignment as they greatly impact the customer journey.

It’s no longer enough to automate marketing emails. What about contact handovers when a contact moves down the funnel? Or follow-ups once a lead completes a high-intent action?

Because marketing teams are only one part of the journey, it’s essential that automation workflows account for user behavior beyond marketing.

Our ice creams used to have this shit. Well, they don’t.

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Domino’s Pizza took a different approach – this was befe pizza slice as an emoji – and immediately improved the efficiency Communication Directors Email Lists of their business by letting customers order with a pizza emoji.

Communication Directors Managers Email Lists

Not surprisingly, the use of emojis on social media and in content marketing was the first to be picked up. Emojis fit perfectly with the atmosphe

As mentioned, the meaning or popularity of an emoji can sometimes differ per (sub)culture. This underlines the importance of target group research, preferably with a test panel with members from that target oup. Also keep in mind that the meaning of emojis can shift over time (think of thKeeping your finger on the pulse is therefore always a good idea. Brenda Speelman previop you on your way.

How you fill in the other parts of your communication or marketing strategy. Do you want to include emojis in your tone-of-voice, visual identity or branding? Then it is good to first find out whether the concept, the visuals and the language resonate with your intended target group. Just like you would in a target audience survey when developing other elements of a branding campaign. Which emojis are popular within your target audience? And just as important, how are they used? For example, Burger King ventured.

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