Triple their conversion rates over smartphones. So the revolution isn’t fully upon us yet. But here’s the interesting bit to note: The stats are for sales on ecommerce sites. When it comes to conversion rates for email opt-ins, the numbers vary from site to site. I’ve seen sites with huge mobile conversions and low desktop conversions (and vice versa). Which brings me to my big question. Do you know if mobile is converting better for your site? I bet you don’t. That’s why this hack is vital for any smart marketer who really wants to know the impact mobile has on their site.

With Email Marketing

This is simply an test — we’re testing one device versus another. Step 1: What you need to do is set up two different campaigns. Let’s use a List Builder form as an example. Your first form will be your desktop version of the form. Title it accordingly so you aren’t confused later on  celulares honduras  a form on the Sumo dashboard Step 2: Go right into Visibility, select Manual Mode, scroll to Display Rules and click on Add New Rule. Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Set the form to show on the page you want to display it on

A Killer Email Marketing Strategy

Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Then add another display rule to only show it on desktop by going to Devices, select Desktop and click Add This Condition: Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard This setup accomplishes two things. First, your form will only show on the page you designate. Second, your form will only show to people on desktops/laptops. This option is the most important rule for our hack. Without it, your form will show to anyone on any device. Step 3: Once you create your form, click Save Draft (always click Save Draft), and create a new form.

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