Understanding their customers and giving them a clear reason why they should have another Riff Raff toy (“wash days, childcare, gifts”.) Referral link personalized with their name. Riff Raff also sends this email (with similar copy and imagery) to remind customers to share with their Canadian Email Lists friends. Screenshot showing a “share” button on a thank-you page The strategy looks Canadian Email Lists deceptively simple. But Riff Raff is wrecking the industry’s referral rate like it doesn’t exist (this is a snapshot of their referral sales this year): Screenshot showing stats for a referral program Key Takeaway. A customer who has just purchased has subconsciously

Two Critical Tips for

Committed to your store. This is the best time to get them to join your referral program. Use a post-purchase popup and encourage them to join. YouFoodz is an Australian company that delivers fresh, healthy meals to your doorstep every day. Their mission is simple — they want to free up Canadian Email Lists your time from grocery shopping. Cooking, and cleaning so you can use that time to do anything you want! Unlike Riff Raff (Strategy #3), YouFoodz knows that everyone can benefit from healthy meal delivery. So, YouFoodz wants everyone to be a customer. And that is why, when you enter their website, you’ll see their referral program

Building Your Mailing List

Straight off the bat: Screenshot Canadian Email Lists showing a landing page for a store At ReferralCandy, we call this a referral widget. This widget is sticky, and follows visitors as they scroll down the page. That way, visitors are always reminded of the value of the referral program — “Get Free Meals.” Yumz, that’s super enticing. YouFoodz also makes sure that the widget appears on every page of theirs. Here’s what you see if you look at their “Menus” page. Screenshot showing the landing page for a website No matter where you are, you WILL always have a chance to sign up for their program. Of course, one of the key success factors to YouFoodz’s referral

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