Made changes for advertising purposes. Screenshot showing a before-after photo for a product Take a look at the above image. There’s a clear difference between the Malta B2B List first “Before” picture when. This level of honesty lets potential customers know exactly what they’ll be purchasing. User-submitted images provide authenticity. HOW TO DEAL WITH NEGATIVE REVIEWS No one would ever Malta B2B List dream of wanting a negative review for a product they’re trying to market. However, there’s a particular strategy to reduce the number of negative reviews you get. It’s called “damaging admission.” So what exactly is damaging admission

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Even if the camera they’re using is old, or the lighting isn’t the most appealing. It lets others know that someone has already taken the time to purchase the product, open it up, test it out, and share results. Some people even post their reviews and images on platforms like YouTube, Malta B2B List and Instagram — helping. To grow your social media presence without you having to lift a finger. Let’s Malta B2B List take a look at how Apollo Box used product reviews on social media to bring in both “Likes”. And new sales with the use of user-generated images: Screenshot showing

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An eCommerce product Pictured above is one of Apollo Box’s most popular products that they post about on Instagram. As you can see, it has 3,031 likes. The way it’s been Malta B2B List photographed has been edited for marketing purposes, showcasing every accent and small detail to highlight its best features. On their website, Apollo Box also feature images that their customers have taken of the same Malta B2B List product: Screenshot showing customer images. This allows others to see what the actual product looks like through the eyes of people that have purchased it. It gives a sense of credibility and shows social proof this item is worth purchasing.

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