Their 2012 commercial has now been viewed more than 25 million times on YouTube alone. The same humor that drove that video to success also drives sales on their New Zealand Phone Number List website. Each product description is a small extension of the Dollar Shave Club brand, even if it’s out of this world (pun intended). In this example they use the clever saying of “the final frontier” to insinuate that it’s the only razor you’ll ever need and then drum up a hilarious visual with the line “like a personal assistant for your face”. Screenshot showing copy for a razor They stick to what makes them them.

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Even if there’s important information to get across in the product description. Screenshot showing copy for a product Many ecommerce businesses would be happy with the standard “not tested on animals” line. Not Dollar Shave Club. “Tested on interns, not animals” is much New Zealand Phone Number List more on-brand and memorable. Key Takeaway: Humor is a powerful tool to not only help people remember your product over your competitors’ product but also to make influencing their purchase decision easier. However, humor is a tricky thing to balance in product descriptions. Too much humor and you’ll come across as abrasive

New Zealand Phone Number List

Too little humor and it won’t New Zealand Phone Number List have the effect that you want. Learn from those that do humor right like Dollar Shave Club. SUBARU [AUTOS, A.K.A. BIG-TICKET ITEMS] Selling an item where the price point is in the tens of thousands of dollars takes a product New Zealand Phone Number List description that is more than just a clever sentence or two. Selling something like a car, for example, requires a full understanding of your ideal customers’ psychographics. You need to speak to their deepest fears, pain points, and desires. Their new Subaru Ascent’s product page is handcrafted for their ideal customer: families.

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