Since it was introduced in 2010 over 3.5 million websites have been built using AngularJS.But let’s break it down and evaluate exactly why AngularJS is the best for web application A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers DevelopmentBugHerd campaign Dan 2022Basics of AngularJSAngularJS is a structural framework that allows you to write in HTML. But AngularJS lets you extend HTML’s syntax.


This allows better expression of


The application’s components. The framework has data binding and dependency injection. This renders the need for lengthy code unnecessary.AngularJS uses the MVC (model-view-controller) architecture. The main reason why an MVC architecture is preferred is that it increases the scalability of a project.


This architecture is ideal for

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Building complex yet lightweight applications. A grasp of the fundamentals will make it easier to understand why Angular JS is preferred for web app development.1. Easy to Learn For most developers HTML and CSS are like reciting the ABCs. And if you know the fundamentals of JavaScript HTML and CSS Angular is very easy to learn. Google recently released the latest version Angular 12.

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