If you collect additional information about your customers such as their birthday. You can send them discounts and offers tailored to them individually. This Luxembourg Phone Number List offer works so well ecommerce companies like RedBalloon give you a $15 coupon code just. For telling them when your birthday is so that they can put you on their birthday email automation. Screenshot Luxembourg Phone Number List showing an email by RedBalloon Questions and surveys. Regardless of your niche and the products you’re selling. You can email questions and survey

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Your customers so that you can create Luxembourg Phone Number List content based on their answers. Here’s an example of how Artifact Uprising encourages their subscribers to leave them feedback. Screenshot showing an email by Artifact Uprising CUSTOMER LIST Here is what Luxembourg Phone Number List you can send to your customer list. Product-related content: Based on what your customer Luxembourg Phone Number List has purchased, you can send them related content, recommendations, or even a special offer. Here’s an example of how Amazon sends recommendations based on past browsing behavior.

Luxembourg Phone Number List

Screenshot showing an email by Luxembourg Phone Number List Amazon Loyalty offer. You can email your customers with an exclusive discount code based on the number or the value of purchases they have made to make them feel special. Here’s an example of a $20 voucher from Luxembourg Phone Number List White House Black Market to their loyal customers. Screenshot showing an Luxembourg Phone Number List email by WHBM Referral program: If you want to take your business to the next level, then turn your best customers into your brand ambassadors.

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