Below is from the results of a benchmark campaign I ran for a travel startup. The goal of a benchmark campaign is to get a sense for what works well and what doesn’t. Screenshot showing conversion stats for images The first four rows are campaigns on Instagram, the last four Facebook, comparing the performance of different pictures against each other. You see two rows for the same picture because one campaign was optimized for clicks, the other for impressions. Notice how the image in the 3rd and 4th row has a better CTR on Instagram than the one in the 1st and 2nd row.

Skyrocket Your Sales Using Email List Marketing

the image in the 5th and 6th row performs better than the image in the 7th and 8th row. That is valuable information to use on the landing page. Here are the three key  takeaways: Use unique and high-quality images in GIF, PNG or JPEG format. Add relevant images to your pages and make how to check thai phone number they’re related to. Optimize URL path, alt attribute, and image filename for optimal organic rankings. For a one-page checklist of everything we’ve covered in this article, click the button below.

Email List Building – How to Create a Residual Income

If you’re hoping I’ll give you a basic answer like Send all your emails out on Tuesday before 10:00 am, you’re headed for disappointment. While I’d love to keep things short and sweet, following a general rule with zero data from your audience to back it up makes for a crummy email strategy. There are data-backed guidelines you can follow to get the highest open rate in different. Saturday at 12am That might be enough for you, if you’re starting out and only have a small list. Of no more than 2,000.

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