Because humans are so easily distracted, we tend to skip off to the next thing. Your visitor might read the beginning of your content, or get a quarter of the way down cell phone directory ontario the page and then click a link or move onto another page, never seeing the opt-in at all. ADJUST YOUR SCROLL BOX SIZE You’ve heard that size matters, right? Well that’s not always true. But it may be true with your Scroll Box. If you are getting less than stellar conversion rates, try adjusting the size to make it bigger. Scroll Box is, by nature, far more polite than a traditional pop-up, so it can be easy to ignore or overlook.

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By adjusting its size, you can call more attention to it, increasing conversions. Check out this bigger, better Scroll Box: Screenshot showing a content upgrade cell phone directory ontario your. Trigger percent and adjusting the size of your Scroll Box, the best way to find the mix is to split test . SMART BAR Last s Smart Bar. It’s the most unintrusive of the list-building options. Which means the opt-in rates are going to be lower: Graph showing smart bar opt-in rates The average opt-in percentage for the Smart Bar is 0.50%,

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with the top 10% seeing a 1.40% conversion rate. The bottom 25%? A microscopic 0.01% opt-in rate. But that’s the trade off — you can either have a more aggressive popup and capture more emails, or you can be . But if your Smart Bar is lacking opt-ins, raise the bar  One huge strength of the Smart Bar is that it is not intrusive. It hangs out at the top of your website, rather than catching your visitors eye like a Scroll Box, List Builder or Welcome Mat.

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