Visibility settings for a sumo popup Result: 4.59% email conversion rate. 2,075 emails. Screenshot showing stats for a sumo popup Why It Works. People only ever see it Hospitals Email List after your Store Credit popup because in your Display Rule settings above you are setting your Store Credit Hospitals Email List popup to show on the first page view. Then for this Exclusive Sale popup you are setting it to show Hospitals Email List for page views greater than 1 AND if a visitor hasn’t seen a popup in a day.

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This gives you a second chance to capture Hospitals Email List them as a lead with an “exclusive sale” offer. People are more likely to respond to when visiting the second time. Everyone loves getting access to a sale. But as a luxury brand you can’t go plastering discounts all over your website. Hospitals Email List his popup lets people know that the only way they’ll ever get access to a sale is via subscribing to Hospitals Email List your email. The headline copy “Shhh… Don’t Tell Anyone” matches the brand voice of a luxury brand with exclusivity How To Set It Up

Hospitals Email List

Yourself Click here to sign up for a Sumo Hospitals Email List Ecommerce account, then follow these instructions: 1. Go to Forms > List Builder > Forms > Create New Form. Screenshot showing sumo create new form button 2. Set your Goal to Collect Emails. Screenshot showing goal Hospitals Email List options for a sumo popup 3. Set your Form Type to Popup. Screenshot showing form type Hospitals Email List options for a sumo popup 4. Set your Design to Sumo’s Impress template for Popup #1 and Sumo’s Default template for Popup #2 (or pick your own

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